Milwaukee Special Events

Festa Italiana
One of the most popular special events in Milwaukee is Festa Italiana, a celebration of the community's Italian heritage. The festival includes numerous performances of music, dance and live theater. Among the regularly scheduled programs at Festa Italiana are cook-offs and eating contests, parades, and stunning examples of Italian architecture. Exquisite paintings and sculptures, Italian racecars, and handcrafted artifacts are on display at this wonderful event.

Milwaukee's Bastille Days
Milwaukee's Bastille Days is one of the nation's largest French-themed events, taking place every year in July. The programs include a huge temporary marketplace, numerous plays and outdoor performances by music groups, wine tasting, continental chef demos, and plenty of fine food for all who attend. Many of the events take place in Cathedral Square, and visitors will delight in the street performances, roaming minstrels, and parade floats.

Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee is known for its highly organized Public Museum summer camps. Throughout the summer months, young and old alike can enjoy numerous day camp opportunities at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Activities include animal studies, culinary traditions from around the world, the evolution of dinosaurs, geology and gemstones, and special 5-day mini-camps that take kids on a whimsical world tour. This series of events is one of the most popular in the city, attracting the attention of visitors as well as locals.

Firkin Craft Beer Festival
The Firkin Craft Beer Festival takes place each summer in Cathedral Park Square, and is renowned for its demonstrations on beer making. Beer tasting is the highlight of this special event, and the 100-year old firkin casks are brought in to show the public how beer was made and aged in the old days. More than 100 brands are available for tasting at this remarkable festival.

Wisconsin State Fair
The Wisconsin State Fair is the largest of its kind in the region, held annually at the state fair grounds in West Allis. The fair is an exciting mix of agriculturally themed events, urban bazaars, and modern music. The blue ribbon livestock area, midway rides, more than 30 free stage areas with live performances, and the world famous Wisconsin cream puffs are just a part of what makes up one of the liveliest state fairs in the nation.

Other Festivals
Milwaukee is home to a dozen culturally oriented festivals each year, celebrating the diversity of the region's human inhabitants. In addition to Festa Italiana, Milwaukee residents and visitors are treated to such wonderful events as the Arab World Fest, Indian Summer Festival, Irish Fest, and regularly scheduled performances by the Ko-Thi Dance Company, Latino Arts Inc., and the African American Children's Theater.